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What to expect?

Our first meeting (free, no obligation)

Once we’ve confirmed that I’m available for your wedding date, I’ll arrange a time to meet you – and your loved one - for coffee (or beverage of your choice), or online to see if we’re going to be a good fit to work together.  It’s really important to me that you feel confident and relaxed with your celebrant to ensure you have the best experience possible on your big day.

Getting to know you

This is the bit where using my best interviewing skills, I get to learn a bit more about you as a couple; what's important to you, any special elements to incorporate in your ceremony, music choices, the "who's who" of your nearest and dearest, and what you imagine your perfect day to be like.  And, we can totally start from scratch if you really don't even know where to start!

The best part about getting to know you a bit better is that you'll get a ceremony that's personalised to you.  There's no questionnaire to fill out first, we'll just have an informal chat and usually that's where the gems come out to inspire my writing.  You can be assured too that I'll check with you to make sure any "stories" you share are okay to repeat in front of your Nan...

I'll also see how you're feeling about writing your vows (the very important legal part that I'm there to witness); if you're confident in expressing how you feel about your significant other, or, if you're needing a little bit of extra help - it's all part of the package. 


Crafting your ceremony

Using the notes from our meeting, or meetings, if more than one is needed, I'll prepare a draft to be with you for review at around month before (no less than) your ceremony.  If I've been on point in getting you to feel relaxed with my interviewing, there's usually minimal editing needed - but it's totally your ceremony, so you can feel free to get the red pen out and request changes if they're needed.

Having your ceremony draft a month out from your big day allows time for any editing to be completed, and helps to build the excitement in the lead up to your big day!

The rehearsal

Highly recommended to settle those nerves and to ensure everyone's comfortable with their part to play on the day.  We usually pull together the wedding party and close family and walk through the different parts of the ceremony.  

It's a really good time for me to familiarise myself with the venue, and with things like who's going to be responsible for the rings, who's hitting 'play' on the wedding music, who out of the couple might end up squinting in the wedding photos if they're looking directly into the sun - and who might need a few extra tissues. 

The rehearsal is also a great opportunity to meet little people or pets who might be part of your wedding party - so we feel comfortable working together, and to help them to feel special too.


Your special day


While you're busy getting prepped to look gorgeous (that goes for the guys too), I'll be setting up with plenty of time and introducing myself to family, friends and other vendors - around an hour before your ceremony start time.  

Most importantly, I'm here to marry you; to take you through the legal elements of the ceremony in a way that celebrates your love, your way - and hopefully to create memories that you'll cherish forever.

Once you've tied the knot and sealed your love with a kiss, I usually request a photo with newlyweds, then pop away quietly and leave you to enjoy the rest of the festivities!

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